What causes Cancer ? An Overview

What is cancer?

Cancer is a disease distinguished by uncontrollable cell growth. Among 100 different cases of cancer, one is separated from the other by the kind of cell it originally affected.

Our body includes various organs, muscles, skin, blood and bones. Each of these parts consists of dedicated cells and genes respectively. The functionality of the cells get interrupted with the advent of germs of cancer and readily takes over the control of the genes after they multiply and breed freely to take possession of the whole human metabolism.

In the year 2007, it was estimated that cancer alone has taken lives of 7.6 million people across the globe. It was observed that this disease was mostly detected much after the second or third stage where there was very little the doctors could do to save the cancer patients. This is pathetic but more of helplessness a person would feel being either the patient or someone close in relation.

Root of evil

The germ of cancer gets facilitated by one irregular cell which seems to affect the genes and take over the control of the cells. These cells start behaving uncharacteristically and eventually turn into a spiteful tumor.

An infected cell progresses through the blood vessels damaging healthy tissues and organs coming their way. This cell finally reproduces into millions of more contaminated cells and forms a new blood vessel to feed itself.

At times, cancer can also be affected by your age. This point of time, the body becomes more vulnerable to diseases as the immune system loses its strength and the ability to fight against damaged cells. The germ of cancer can take over the body, while the body can hardly resist the onset of these germs.

Other factors

Food habits and other routine factors of life may boost or reduce the chances of developing cancer.

If you do not intake much of green vegetables and fruits in your diet, which contains important minerals, vitamins and anti oxidants, it may increase the chance of developing cancer.

Certain cancers may even develop from the fat contents of food and negligence of health and fitness. Cancers may develop with excessive consumption of alcohol and drugs.

Threat factors

The chemical carcinogens are chemical radiation that can infect a healthy cell with cancerous germs. The more your body will be in close contacts with these harmful radiations, the more vulnerable you become of developing cancer

Cancer can attack your lungs, gall bladder, pancreas, mouth and oesophagus, if you are a regular smoker, or if you chew tobacco. The more you intake these, the greater the risk of growing cancer.

Poisonous chemicals like benzene, formaldehyde and asbestos in your place of work without proper precautions may lead to certain cancers which can be even incurable.

Different causes of cancer

Radiation – Coming into contacts with radioactive materials and nuclear consequences may boost the risk of developing leukemia and certain other cancers. With the direct exposure of sun’s ultra violet rays on the skin increases the chance of skin cancers.

Infection – There are specific germs that are associated with certain cancers. Viruses like hepatitis B and hepatitis C can cause cancer in the liver and women have been seen to be affected with the human papilloma virus, which causes cervical cancer.

Immune system – People with low resistance power and weak immune system may be exposed to diseases like AIDS and cancer.

Genetic link – It may so happen that some affected genes of your parents is passed into your body, which triggered into an infected cancerous cell and leave the body exposed to the ruthless epidemic of cancer.

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