Alternative medicine: how to prevent and relieve pain during cancer?

Cancer is a dreaded and deadly disease that affects more and more people. It is caused by an abnormal transformation of cells that spread throughout the body in an excessive manner. These cells cause tumours that invade the surrounding areas, especially the organs. It is these swellings that cause the unbearable pain. There is a lot of research into this condition to find a quick and permanent cure, but unfortunately it is still uncertain. However, there are effective methods to prevent and relieve the pain, such as alternative medicine. The effectiveness of the latter has been confirmed by several cancer patients.

Complementary methods to conventional treatments

Recently, cancer patients have claimed that alternative treatments have beneficial effects on their well-being. Indeed, various alternative care strategies such as acupuncture, phytotherapy, homeopathy and yoga have beneficial effects on cancer patients. They have calming and sedative properties that prevent and relieve pain. Of course, they can never replace conventional treatments, but at least they help cancer patients to live better and to feel good. Patients should be aware of the effects of these complementary medicines. Alternative medicine and cancer are of great interest to oncologists and are now being studied in depth.

No harmful effects and no side effects

Unlike chemotherapy, alternative medicine has no side effects. Acupuncture, for example, has the advantage of calming hot flashes, anxiety, nausea and vomiting. Yoga is also very soothing and has analgesic qualities. It provides incomparable well-being to the sick and improves their emotional well-being. These methods have beneficial effects on both the body and the mind. As for phytotherapy, it allows patients to recover sleep and thus chase away the permanent fatigue that invades them. This complementary medicine therefore acts to treat the side effects of conventional treatments.

Source of well-being and relief

If the cancer patient decides to follow alternative medicine treatments, he or she must inform his or her oncologist so that he or she can take the necessary measures in addition to the conventional treatment. It is now proven that the majority of cancer patients use alternative medicine, probably because of its beneficial effects, particularly in strengthening their immune defence systems. Alternative or non-conventional medicine also helps cancer patients to cope with the side effects of treatment. It is an effective way of helping to heal and avoids the inconvenience of medical treatment. It is a pleasant and quick way of relieving and preventing pain, even if it has not yet been scientifically proven.
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