Asbestos and Lung Cancer

Information about asbestos lung cancer provide that there is no cure for asbestos lung cancer as the disease is detected very late in its development stage. Therefore eliminating chances of survival in the stage wherein the disease can still be controlled. What remains to be the only solution in the battle against asbestos lung cancer is to stay away from asbestos and minimize exposure as much as possible. Prolonged asbestos exposure causes lung cancer. However, the effects of the exposure develop and progress through the years and manifests only after the development is in its later stages. Asbestos exposure causes lung cancer, mesothelioma, asbestosis, along with many other similar diseases which are related to the respiratory tract. Needless to say, prolonged or repeated exposure can prove to be fatal.

Asbestos exposure causes damage to the lungs and other vital organs in the respiratory system. This is manifested by oughing, a pain in the chest wall, abdominal pain, a swollen abdomen, the existence of fluid around the lungs, dramatic weight loss, fatigue, among others. All of which are common symptoms in lung cancer, mesothelioma and asbestosis.

More often that that, these individuals who are suffering from asbestos cancer are those individuals who are poor enough to begin with. Individuals who gamble their lives and health in hopes of providing for their families. Which is why it is alarming to know that these same individuals who suffer from poverty are the ones who are more easily subjected to asbestos cancer. . Justice is needed to be served, or at least the proper compensation for these victims of asbestos cancer.

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