Wholesale Breast Cancer Merchandise

It is self examination looking for lumps or a hard tissue mass, MRI exam, mammogram, etc. Inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) is a change in the breast tissue that does create a lump or hard tissue mass. Wholesale Breast Cancer Merchandise Instead it is a redness, or possible swelling, maybe a warm feeling the breast area, or it could be an infection.

Bottom line: it is some sort of change in the breast that is not normal. Check it out – immediately! If you call your Doctor and ask about about IBC, he may not know what it is. Look for a medical professional that does about IBC. As I said it is not your normal breast cancer type. Regardless of what some doctors may say IBC is not caused by an infection, it is caused by cancer cells blocking the lymph nodes. IBC is only about 1% to 3% of all breast cancers that have been detected in the U.S.

What are the symptoms? They are definitely different than what you might expect. There are no lumps and won’t probably show up on a mammogram. It appears that African-American and younger women have a higher incidence. IBC is aggressive in its growth. In fact, when it is first noticed it could already be at Stage III. By the time it is diagnosed it could be late State III or even Stage IV and may have already metastasized to other parts of the body.

So what are the signs…

Anything unusual with the breasts One breast larger than the other Soreness in one breast Redness, rough texture like an orange peel Inverted nipple Thickened areas A warm feeling which would indicate infection Any pain with breast manipulation or otherwise

If a doctor may be slow to diagnose, find another doctor. You cannot delay any diagnosis, days are important.

Locate some vitamin supplements like immune booster products, vitamin B17, apricot seeds (kernels), antioxidants, parasite and detox cleansing programs.

Cancer can be the result of a weak immune system or an immune system that is not doing its job correctly. Supplementation with vitamins, herbs and minerals that are targeted towards correcting the body’s immune function is very important.

Vitamin B17 and apricot seeds, according to some information, target the cancer cells directly. Books have been written about vitamin B17 or laetrile. One is “The Death of Cancer”, by Dr. Harold Manner.

Another alternative holistic natural treatment that is FDA approved is hypothermia combined with low radiating dose. All methods of treatment need to be considered especially the natural way. Chemo and radiation treatment are very destructive to the body’s immune system.

Be aggressive in your research, check all forums, blogs, etc. Ask questions not only online but of the medical professionals that you have access to for any suggestions they may have on your options for treatment.

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