www.mdanderson.org Dr. Jennifer Litton talks about why it’s important to discuss fertility options after a woman is first diagnosed with cancer.

Ok…I’ve been a little selfish with this video, wanting to watch it over and over and privately experience all the emotions it brings out in me. But, it’s time to let you all in so you too can see just how far this little girl has come. Here she is, with her 2 best friends, FINALLY able to dance their trio that was taken from them so abruptly 2 years ago due to her cancer diagnosis.

After 9 months of chemotherapy, a radical amputation surgery and tons of PT, she is back to dancing again. The words to this song are so appropriate when describing these 3 beauties. Thank you, Kristen Rice Kemp, for choreographing such a beautiful and touching dance that describes this relationship so eloquently.